Vision and Values

We want Heelands pupils to be curious learners who can persevere, challenge themselves and become kind and responsible citizens of the future. Our whole school Values of Friendship, Respect, Self-belief, Cooperation, Challenge and Responsibility begin to lay those foundations for the future and promote British Values in an age-appropriate way for our pupils.

Every half-term we celebrate a new Value and parents are invited into school for the launch  to do a creative activity with their child which helps to reinforce the value at home. Values Visits are always lots of fun and extremely well-supported by families which demonstrates how important this aspect of learning and development is.

Children collect a pebble when they are seen to be demonstrating the Value at school and they bring their pebbles to Friday's Values Assembly. At this assembly each class teacher also chooses their 'Values Champion' for the week who is awarded the class medal - always a great honour! At the end of the half-term the class with the most pebbles gets a certificate. 

 Click here to see some photos from Values Visits.